Monday, February 8, 2010

The Eye of the Beholder

Looking out the window, it is hard to find beauty in the dreary weather that has overtaken our corner of the world. With slush and melting snow filling the streets and sidewalks, viewing art could be a therapeutic way to remind us that beauty can come in all shapes and sizes.

Stop by White Lotus Salon & Massage in Fayetteville sometime throughout the month of February to enjoy the work of their featured artist Catherine Brimberry. Brimberry, a Fayetteville native, works primarily with watercolor but also enjoys collage and leaf pressings.

Brimberry's artwork is a reminder that we live in a colorful world, although it may not look like it right now. We should all take time and try and find the beauty of the melting snow and ice glistening on our trees.

Head to White Lotus to enjoy the vibrancy of her artwork and don't be afraid to pamper yourself while you're at it! White Lotus features great massages and facials that would make anyone feel like a queen for a day. Who can argue with that?

To learn more about the artwork or the salon's services, visit their website.

White Lotus Salon & Massage
4750 E. Mission Blvd.

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