Friday, April 9, 2010

FOOD FASHION TREND: Cupcakes are In!

An observation....

Last night I had dinner with a friend who is in town from Orlando.  He said cupcakes shops have been popping up all over the city and that meant one thing:  Ice cream is out.  Cupcakes are in!  It seems the same thing is happening in our area. 

Let me preface this by saying, I will always -- and have always -- been a huge ice cream fan.  I love the stuff.  I could live on the stuff.  But in the spirit of enjoying new things and venturing into new territory, I am finding my sweet tooth equally drawn to the new cupcake shops in town. 

Last fall, I had the chance to visit the popular Magnolia Bakery in New York City, made famous by Sex and the City and SNL's "Lazy Sunday" music video.  To be honest, I wondered why these types of stores hadn't popped up in our area yet.  It looks like I was just a couple months away from the cupcake craze happening in our neck of the woods. 

I had a chance to briefly talk with the folks at Kupcakes and More on the Bentonville Square and had them send me a few sweet images of their on-the-go snacks that will surely get your mouth watering: 

So my question:  Why are cupcakes so popular?  I scanned the 'net for answers and found everything from the fact that they're the perfect portion for dieters, to the popularity of the cupcake on Sex and the the simple fact that there is less cleanup required.  Whatever the reason, the cupcake craze has made its way to Northwest Arkansas -- and this sweet tooth is thrilled. 

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  1. My cousin RAVED about Sprinkles in Dallas, and we get the mix at Williams-Sonoma every time she comes to visit. I think it's the perfect portion. Similar to the rise in popularity of shooter desserts that you see at places like PF Changs and Carrabba's.

    I rarely buy cakes anymore - just run to Walmart for a cupcake critter! :)